About us

Khaisook Company Ltd. has been established since 2016 by Veterinarian Doctor Suntaree Srivanitchapoom. She has affection about exercise because she wants to be healthy and have a good shape but she doesn’t have enough time to do that because of her job. She recognizes that only exercise is not enough for business people like her so eating that affects 70% becomes a good choice for a good shape. She starts to research about nutrition and found that natural protein from egg white is a good protein from animals. The egg-whites are all-natural and provide one of the highest quality of protein form animals that is very easy to absorb and low in calories. There are consist of 9 amino acids which can help build muscles, allows people to stay energized and help them maintain their weight. Therefore, we proudly present our “ready to eat egg-white” from Khaisook family.

Why "88"?

The name eighty eight comes from the similarity way of pronouncing eight and egg which related to our main ingredient. Eighty eight also represent of new generation customers who care much about healthy food and healthy life.

READY TO EAT EGG-WHITE New innovative food for new generation

Currently, due to people has a very busy life need something that can help them more convenience, this is the reason why we create the pack of 4 eggs-whites in clear bar shape plastic without air called “Eighty eight”. We use fresh and high quality egg from farms that meet standard of Livestock Department of Thailand only. Because of pasteurization, product is fresh, clean, safe and still maintain the high quality of nutrients. Eighty eight egg-white can be stored for 45 days at 2-4 Celsius degree. It can create a new form of egg-white that allow easy way to eat. Ready to eat egg also reduce process of boiling 4 eggs, in the same time, it still contain the same nutrient which you can eat immediately or modify it with your favorite meal. Guaranteed quality by the best packaging design award from Innoaward 2016 and petty patents of the first inventor and the only company that can produce this kind of product.


7 Innovation Awards

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THAIFEX World of Food

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