Are you ready for healthy life?

Because we believe that “great body starts with eating”, Khaisook family focuses on creating and developing product from one of the best protein “egg-white” to our customers. We would love to facilitate eating lifestyle of new generation which help them more convenience in living to deliver “healthy and easy to eat”.

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Benefits and importance of ready-to-eat egg whites

It can apply in all ages, including

Fitness person or muscle builder: Egg whites are considered as a source of high protein that helps strengthen the muscles.
People who are underweight control or who are caring of the body shape. The egg whites are low in fat or almost no fat at all and also low in energy.
Young people or kids who need protein for building muscle to grow up.
Women who are doing IFV needs protein to produce eggs in the ovary, which are an important part of pregnancy.
Postoperative patients require a lot of protein to make the wound heal faster and better.
Kidney disease patients or people with low blood protein. Because egg whites have low waste and are rich in albumin which can prevent the body from edema due to lack of protein.
Chemotherapy patients needs a lot of protein to build white blood cells which can increase immunity level.
People who are recommend by doctor to control food because of high cholesterol or have a risk of developing diabetes. Egg-white contain many nutrients that the body needs and it gives very low energy.
Protein 10 Grams
Energy 45 kcal
Fat 0%
Equal 4 Eggs per saving
Made from whole egg White, no Additives and no Preservation
Ready to EAT

How to eat

Eat Cold

Cut by half
Roll around
Pop up

Eat Hot

Push in microwave
1-2 min in 700 watt

For Cooking

Cut top and bottom
Put the knife
Cut plastic
Peel off plastic
Ready to cook

How to cook boiled egg whites beautifully


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