About us

Khaisook Company Limited, has been established since 2016 by Doctor Suntaree Srivanitchapoom, Veterinarian Medicine degree. She has the strong objective to create the natural rich nutrition for people who concern a lot with their health like she does. She though the perfect shape by eating right and acting balance, it means the good health and can bring them more confidence. As she believes that the successful life begin of the in-side-out so she want to be a inspiration for those who start their better life.

Khaisook provides the ready-to-eat food for target whom has less time to cook and be difficulty to eat finest natural ingredient. We would like to stand strong for trend in healthiness and happiness. Then, we start from Egg-white which is the main ingredient we have, add innovation up plus premium quality to launch the unique healthy snack product ever to the healthier era.

Brand Philosophy

The core of Eighty Eight, we aim to “create the healthier your life”. Our product serve the convenience of having healthy body by healthy meal. We all are worth the long live in happiness from inside out.


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